Erin B. Holdsworth Knows How to Party

This isn’t celebrity related at all but it fits the “dumbasses” theme today and it’s a cool story. Bro.

Cops clocked Erin B. Holdsworth of Bainbridge, Ohio doing 110 mph. When authorities tried to pull her over, she led them on a high speed chase reaching speeds of up to 128 mph. Eventually, cops said f it and laid down spike strips disabling both tires on the left side of her car. She pulled over to the side of the road a short time later.

When police told her to get out of the vehicle, they realized she was almost topless wearing only a see-through tube top, a g-string and wedge heels. They then beat her with their night sticks aka their wangs. Just kidding. They threw her in the back of a squad car where she flung obscenities at them. As would anyone. This b*tch just wants to party. Wooo!

She was booked on OVI, refusing a blood alcohol content test, fleeing and alluding, criminal damaging, driving under a suspended license, speeding, reckless operation and stealing my heart.

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