Justin Timberlake Keeps His Word

Justin Timberlake was invited to the annual Marine Corps ball by Cpl. Kelsey De Santis earlier this year. He accepted and actually showed up to the event over the weekend. Justin even wrote about it on his site.

The wife of a Marine who attended the ball snapped this picture of Timberlake at the event.

She reported Timberlake posed for pictures and seemed like a normal guy.

Aimee Lupino, a make-up artist and stylist who helped De Santis get ready for the big night said that De Santis “was not stressed.”

“She printed a pic of herself and autographed it for Justin!,” wrote Lupino.

Lupino also said that Timberlake received a gift bag of things that De Santis put together for him, related to what she believes were things having to do with Marine Corps life. WTVR

It’s always funny when people are surprised that celebrities act normal. What were they expecting? For Justin to get drunk and punch a pregnant lady in the stomach? It’s not like celebrities no longer have any concept of social etiquette and have to be reintegrated into society. Who do people think they are? Bloggers?

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12 years ago

She’s kinda cute!  Did she polish his knob?

12 years ago

She looks like Jessica Simpson.