Chuck Norris Is a Big Softy

For a guy who has a meme about how big of a badass he is, Chuck Norris sure comes off as a wimp in real life. A report by the Polish paper Gazeta says Chuck wouldn’t agree to Expendables 2 unless the vulgar dialogue was toned down.

“In ‘Expendables 2,’ there was a lot of vulgar dialogue in the screenplay. For this reason, many young people wouldn’t be able to watch this. But I don’t play in movies like this,” Norris explained. “Due to that I said I won’t be a part of that if the hardcore language is not erased. Producers accepted my conditions and the movie will be classified in the category of PG-13.”First Showing

So Chuck Norris can punch a guy in the throat and  maybe shoot him in the face but he can’t say “f**k” while he does it. Makes sense. You wouldn’t want kids to get the wrong impression. You can’t just go around swearing at everybody you kill. That would be rude.

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Wimp? The article author is sure one.

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