‘Donkey Semen Is a Little Thicker Than Human Semen’

NBC got cold feet and pulled the donkey semen challenge at the last minute for last night’s Fear Factor. That is to say, twins, Brynne and Claire Odioso drank donkey semen and donkey piss for nothing.

They did call in to the Cowhead Show in Tampa this morning to at least describe the experience. They say it “was the hardest 15 minutes of my life.” I bet it was the donkey’s as well. Rimshot, please. The twins got to choose who drank what and Claire ended up pulling the short straw which I guess means she had to chug the spunk.

To make it grosser, producers left the semen and urine sitting out in the hot sun so it was boiling hot by the time they had to drink it. And it smelled terrible. Which completely shatters my illusion of how fantastic donkey semen and donkey piss must smell.

Claire described the semen as extremely bitter “with hints of hay.” She vomited a few times before she finished the glass but, because you had to start over if you puked, she threw up in her glass and then drank that. So in the end she had to drink her own vomit and donkey semen. What an awesome challenge. Also, according to Claire, donkey semen is “a lot thicker” than human semen. That’s good to know in case you’re ever in a blind taste test.

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12 years ago

No comments on what pieces of human fucking filth these two whore-bags are?  Can’t they just eat an aborted fetus and kick-start the end of days?  Really?  But, hey, it’s Tampa!  Good weather!