Someone Squeezed Kate Beckinsale’s Breasts at a Concert

Kate Beckinsale talked to Women’s Health about a variety of things including filming sex scenes with Colin Farrell while her husband/director watched, her three year unplanned sabbatical and how someone grabbed her tits at a Katy Perry concert. Wait, what?

‘I got more bruises on Contraband than in all the Underworlds put together. It was like, ‘let’s not choreograph the fight, let’s just see what happens.” And all of a sudden Giovanni Ribisi [her Contraband co-star] comes flying into my house and beats the sh*t out of me.’

She said of co-star Mark Wahlberg: ‘He’s very manly. And if someone squeezes your boobs at a Katy Perry concert – which is what happened to me in Toronto – I did wish Mark was there because he would have sorted it out.’ Daily Mail

I’d like to know more about this boob squeezing thing. Namely, did they feel like firm marshmallows and did trumpets blare from the heavens once you laid hands on them as I imagine they would? Sorry, I guess that question was more meant for the guy that grabbed her breasts.

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Sadly separated
Sadly separated
10 years ago

She is so, stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it.  Woof!

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