Jennifer Lawrence’s Cleavage Shows Up to ‘Hunger Games’ Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence showed up to the New York screening of Hunger Games wearing a, uh, a green dress that, uh, plunging, um, V…. showed off her fantastic tits. As you can tell, I’m what they call a fashion maven which is why you can’t argue when I say that Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing last night.

And she doesn’t even diet to look that good. Unless she’s filming a movie. In which case, she does diet. Jennifer is a mystery wrapped in a riddle. According to her Hunger Games trainer:

We had a certified clinical nutritionist look at the diet and it need very little modification. But we had a new goal so a little modification was necessary. She was very happy that it wasn’t strict, fanatic or excessive. She said “I can do this.” And she did. She stuck to the diet and she didn’t cheat and was never late for a workout. She never complained and was very humble. I think she was looking forward to this film and this role so much, that she never took it as a chore. She was always upbeat. She said it was her privilege to do this and it reflected in her work.

The calories had to come down. There had to be a cap and we tried to use a food service that could deliver the calorie range that were looking for. And our nutritionist talked to the group and we reduced the saturated fats. She had to have enough carbs to train. If you put her on too low of card diet then she wouldn’t have the energy and would affect her ability to perform. Celebuzz

Oh, is this how you lose weight and lean out? I always thought it was done through years of ridicule and humiliation. Sorry, girl who never talks to me anymore.

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