Dianna Agron Seems Very Helpful

Hayden Panettiere hosted last night’s Punk’d where she pranked Snooki, Zac Efron and Dianna Agron. We’ll be talking about Dianna Agron today because that was the only one worth watching. Only because she’s so damn nice to the point that she’d even pump an old dude’s penis.

Jessica Szohr (that was her, right?) invited Dianna over to her place and eventually left her to watch her fake grandpa. Gramps started hitting on Dianna and one thing led to another and he fell asleep as old people are apt to do. Then he started getting an erection. Then he started making the erection dance. Then Dianna had to help Jessica manually stimulate him to relieve his hardon thus relieving the pressure to his heart. It was based on some scientific mumbo jumbo. No time for questions. We need to put this boner pump on him!

Anyway, Dianna, being way too nice, helped pump gramps’ erection until he came. Best Friday night ever! For the old dude. Cause he sort of got a handjob from Dianna Agron.

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