Sara Underwood Is in Her Place

Here’s Sara Underwood’s shoot for Me In My Place. She’s a past Playmate of the Year and recent winner of Esquire’s hottest woman in the world contest. I think that was the contest. Well, judging by these photos, she deserved to win whatever it was. It could have been a contest for most farts laid in a minute and I’d still be in love. Some choice quotes below.

Sara being humble: So thank you all for confirming what I really already knew: that I was the hottest woman in the entire world of all time. It’s kind of what I’ve suspected my entire life; this is just another confirmation of it and I appreciate it very much. But, really, thank you. It feels good.

Sara was never cool: I was never a cool girl, by any means, at any point in my life, until Playboy came into it. I came out of this small little town, having never modeled a day in my life. So to be thrown into this L.A. celebrity-based industry — I’m sorry, my cat’s biting the crap out of me — was just crazy all in itself. The thrill of Playmate of the Year on top of it was really, really overwhelming.

Sara panders to fans: Yeah, I play Xbox.

More pandering: But I’ve always been a nerdy girl in the sense that I was an only child — a socially awkward only child — whose dad was an electrical engineer. He designed computers for Intel, so I was always around that, and I grew up on his movies — Star Trek and Star Wars — and we played Doom together.

Pandering continues, it’s starting to work: I think it’s a sign of the times, how popular it is being a cooler kind of nerd — knowing your gadgets, being into video games. In the past, that wasn’t, you know, the coolest thing to be. But it’s really sort of turning

Too late, not a deal breaker, I’m already in love: No, I don’t cook at all. I’ve made Top Ramen and some tea and that’s about it.

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10 years ago

She’s a midget, has a fake, baby voice and started getting fucked when she was about 12 – her mental age.

10 years ago

I fucking love Sara Underwood!

Jared Schwager
Jared Schwager
10 years ago

Never thought there was a perfect girl until Sara Underwood stepped into the limelight.

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  Jared Schwager

Sorry. She’s mine. Go find someone else. Shoo.

9 years ago

Some one’s jealous DrDrool

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