Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Avengers’ Costume Left Her With a Skin Condition

One of the problems with wearing a full body latex suit with nothing underneath while filming non-stop for 15 hours is that rashes and other skin problems start occurring when sweat builds up and the latex rubs against you. This was what Scarlett Johansson had to suffer through while filming The Avengers.

She tells USA Today, “The material is like a torture chamber. I literally had to peel it off.

“We all had skin conditions going with our outfits after 15 hours of non-stop sweat. I was sending pictures to my dermatologist in Los Angeles.”

Yikes, that doesn’t sound sexy at all but this is Scarlett Johansson we’re talking about. She could be covered in hives and even insist on wearing a dead cat as a hat and I’d still want to have sex with her. I mean, that still counts as a threesome right?

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