Scorpions Bassist Went to a Snuff Show

Snuff shows, sort of like the ones depicted in Hostel where the rich pay to watch people be murdered, have long been an urban legend. That is until the ex-bassist for the Scorpions, Ralph Rieckermann, admitted to being a guest at a snuff party somewhere in Germany.

The reveal came when TMZ asked Ralph if he’d been to any fetish parties. Ralph replied, “I went to one one time, I seen really bad sh*t.” “Like a donkey show?,” asks TMZ. “No, I actually, I think they actually killed people there and stuff. They pay up to 100k to see people get… I’m not kidding.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video below. If you can stand the most annoying editing in the world. Not even Hellen Keller would be able to stand this.

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9 years ago

Why would snuff shows be only a legend? It’s incredibly naive to think this way.

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