Tim Burgess Did Cocaine Up Through His Butt

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans recently released a memoir detailing all his drug use during his time in the band and explaining how far he and his friends would go to get high.

One of the more extreme ways was giving and receiving “Manhattan powdered doghnuts.” This involved blowing cocaine into a person’s bloodstream through their ass.

“We discovered the process of blowing coke up each other’s a**es. There, I have said it. It’s not like we invented the practice but I realize now it’s not an everyday thing for most people.”

But he assures fans it wasn’t a band activity, adding, “Not every member of The Charlatans took part in this highly-charged ritual, which has been described as having a Manhattan-powdered doughnut. I was a giver and receiver.

“They say giving is better than receiving, but believe me, in this case the giving is not that great.”

I have a couple questions. One, what is the preferred method of delivery? Does one stick a straw into someone’s anus and blow or use a tightly rolled up dollar bill? Two, what happens if the person farts as you’re blowing coke up in to their colon forcing a puff of coke/fecal matter into your mouth? Do you, as a drug addict, immediately vomit and rinse with bleach or do you force yourself to inhale the fart/coke mixture so as to not waste any of it?

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8 years ago

Even Whitney’s shaking her wig!

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