Amanda Seyfried in ‘Lovelace’ Poster

A new poster for Linda Lovelace’s biopic Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried came out. Seyfried goes brunette in this one and hopefully it’ll tell all about and in great detail the filming of Deepthroat.

This isn’t the only Lovelace biopic in the works. Inferno, starring Malin Akerman, is another one supposed to be coming out but it has yet to get off the ground. Ackerman told THR, “I would hope and love for it to go, but now this other movie is coming on that Amanda Seyfried did, and I kind of feel like, ‘S**t, we should have been on that, we should have done it.”

If they get up and running, it’ll be like an arms race. But in this case, instead of competing with weapons, they’ll be competing with how big of a penis can fit down their throats.

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