Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, MCA, Dead at 47

Adam Yauch, one of the three members who make up The Beastie Boys, has died at the age of 47 after a battling cancer.

Yauch, MCA, formed The Beastie Boys with friends Mike D and Ad-Roc, creating some of the most well known hits in music with their melding of rock and hip-hop.

Adam had been treated for a cancerous paratid gland and lymph node, undergoing surgery and radiation. No word on if his death was related to the cancer.

If you believe in the rule of threes, there’s one more death left.

  • Western Med Fail

    “No word on if his death was related to the cancer.” Probably because the cancer was exacerbated by FAIL conventional “treatment” which breaks down an already taxed immune system.  Yes, brilliant, let’s “treat’ cancer with what causes & exacerbates cancer – radiation.  Absolutely retarded backward barbaric crap.  And all the passive submissive patients to their narcissistic know it all ‘Standard Of Care” Doctors with their DUH-gree’s.

    For all we know his cell phone &/or wireless phone usage plus dental work with repeated X-Rays to the mouth/jaw via bite wings were also a factor in his demise. Of course diet & lifestyle choices are another great factor.  But allopathic medicine is FAIL.  

    • Eatmyass

      Why don’t you find a cure fuck face! Gotta go w/ what works.
      I bet what killed him was the vegan diet! Thats fuckin retarded! Fuckin artsy fartsy people all over. Fuckin modern day stupid ass hippies playing Disc golf and banging Green Day! All you fucks suck!

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