Sara Underwood Looks Good Wet

Sara Underwood of Attack of the Show and 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year fame did a shoot with Men’s Fitness where she was oiled up and drenched with water. I thought the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video was going to be the highlight of my week but this one is close to pushing that one into a puddle like a catty b*tch. Just so it doesn’t look they’re just using her for her body, they ask her a few questions.

Ever been hit on at the gym?
Unfortunately, I’ve never been hit on. But I’d like to be because usually when you’re at the gym you’re kind of looking looking at your worst. So, if somebody hits on you at the gym and you got makeup on and you’re all sweaty and your hair’s a mess, it’s pretty flattering, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m very nice boys, you can come talk to me.

I’m sure that’s a great soundbite but in reality the only thought running through her head would be, “Who is this pervert? Gross, his sweat is dripping onto my thighs.”

Most off-putting thing a guy can do?
The most off-putting thing a guy can do when he’s working out is forget all his manners. If I’m trying to take a 50lb weight off a leg machine, help me. Like, it’s heavy. They always stand around and look at me try to take it off.

In their defense, there is a perverse enjoyment in watching a hot chick bending over and struggling to lift heavy objects while softly grunting and heaving their breasts. I mean, they probably do want to help but their boners would just get in the way regardless.

Best body type?
The best male body type for me personally I think would just have to be a lean like Matthew McConaughey. He’s got nice abs and pecs but they’re not over-exaggerated.

Let me get right on that. Right after I polish off this five course meal.

Best body part?
Oh there’s so many male body parts that turn me on but I have to pick just one? I’m a butt girl. I like good butts on girls and I like good butts on guys. I feel like guys neglect their butts a little.

*Starts squatting indefinitely*

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12 years ago

She sure is good!

12 years ago

I’d talk to her at the gym :)