Dennis Hopper’s Son Accused of Raping a 15-Year-Old

Dennis Hopper’s son, Henry, 21, is being sued by a mother who says he used Roman Polanski’s art of seduction on her then 15-year-old daughter. The mother of the girl, known only as Jan Doe in the lawsuit, claims Henry met the girl through a mutual friend in February 2011. They began chatting on Facebook and Henry eventually invited her over to his Venice home promising drugs and alcohol.

The suit alleges Henry would get her drunk before he “engaged in sexually offensive conduct with her” including sexual intercourse, forced oral copulation and sodomy.

In the suit, Doe’s lawyer claims the actor “preyed upon a young impressionable child, suggesting that he cared for her, luring her into his home with promises of alcohol and illegal drugs, and then repeatedly taking advantage of her youth an vulnerability.”

Doe’s mother claims the girl suffered significant injuries to her emotional health, strength and activity … and was required to employ multiple mental health care professionals for treatment.

In addition to using Polanski’s patented art of seduction, Henry will also use Polanski’s concrete defense strategy which involves fleeing to a country without extradition.

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11 years ago

Isn’t the bigger question why is a 15 trying to score alcohol and drugs from an adult on FB? Where was Mom then, and if this happened why not file a police report instead of a cash grab in Civil Court. The fact no police are involved makes this seem very shady. Did she tell him she was 16, 17, 18? I mean we already know she may have had ulterior motives to get loaded on various things. They weren’t meeting in the school library were they? Lots of questions a police investigation might have cleared up.

Hard Sell
Hard Sell
11 years ago

A 2012 15 year old with access to every form of communication if in danger? Sounds like someone got addicted and made up a BS story when the snow, pills and whatever else was denied.