Charisma Carpenter Was Almost Raped by a Cop

Charisma Carpenter was asked to host Discovery’s I Survived Evil which turned out to be serendipitous because she had her own story of surviving evil; once being nearly sexually assaulted by a serial rapist cop in San Diego.

According to Carpenter, back in 1991 before she landed a role in Buffy (when she was even hotter than she is now), she and two male friends were swimming at Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego when a cop, Henry Hubbard Jr., waved a gun at them ordering Charisma to tie up her male friends. She refused giving her friends time to jump and overpower Hubbard. They ended up subduing him but not without a few non-fatal bullet wounds. Charisma held onto his police flashlight so it’d be harder for him to deny the story.

Ultimately, Hubbard was convicted for not only this assault but many others and is now serving a 56-year prison sentence.

“Now I’m in a place where I could. I have enough distance — and a lot of therapy — between then and what happened and now,” she tells TVLine. “It’s not as fresh. It’s not as painful.”

Investigation Discovery’s I Survived Evil, which starts production later this summer with an eye on a 2013 bow, will chronicle similar true stories of ordinary people who successfully warded off attackers. That Carpenter, given her own such scare, was approached to host the series was pure coincidence. “I don’t think [the producers] knew,” she ventures. “And when I told them, they were like, ‘This makes perfect sense. We want you to be even more a part of the process.’”

Carpenter is also hoping to sit down with Hubbard for one of the episodes in the series.

“I’m interested in a sit-down, to ask him myself questions [I have],” she says. “Whether or not Hubbard will let me [I don’t know], but my producers are interested, though they’re treating it very delicately. I think they’re worried about me, but really, I’m OK with it.” Or at least she at this instant believes she is. “You don’t really know until you’re in a chair opposite someone like that… but I think I’m OK with it,” she clarifies. “I just want to say to him, ‘What happened to you? Tell me your cautionary tale.’”

That’s probably something I wouldn’t be able to do. Well, I would, but the only words that would come out of my mouth would be, “How you like dem apples!,” and then I’d make hip thrusting motions like Duffman. I imagine that wouldn’t go over so well.

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