Ronda Rousey Promises to Make Steven Seagal Crap His Pants Again

A little bit of back story. Judo Gene LeBelle once talked about how, on a movie shoot, Steven Seagal bragged about how he had a 100% effective choke hold defense. Gene tested that theory and choked Steven Seagal until Seagal shat himself. Seagal has long denied the story calling LeBelle a pathological liar.

Anyway, Steven Seagal somehow managed to make a resurgence in the MMA world by telling everyone he taught Anderson Silva a front kick he perfected over 20 years. Anderson played along.

Recently, Strikeforce women’s champion and judo gold medalist Ronda Rousey, who’s always down to give a good soundbite, sat down with MMAInterviews and got a little pissed that Seagal would disrespect Gene and call him a liar. So much so that she said she would make Seagal crap his pants a second time if he said anything bad about LeBelle to her face.

Though Steven would probably spin that story too. “I didn’t crap my pants. It was more of a pungent fart,” he’d probably say as he practiced his slap fighting.

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11 years ago

She claims she has Haters and doesn’t understand why….What is she doing HATING Seagal when all she is going on is rumors…she is the one doing the HATING!! Dont talk about what you delusionally think you could do to a 60 year old man…when you have a real threat coming on the 18th with Kaufman. You are disrespectful and arrogant.

11 years ago
Reply to  rhonda63640

Real 54 second threat.

Steve Doss
Steve Doss
10 years ago

The incident with “Judo” Gene LeBelle is true. Seagal has a history of shooting his mouth off and then running away. When he was of “fighting age” (with no excuses), he insulted some of the toughest men ever, the pioneers and competitors of the “Blood and Guts” era of American Martial Arts – when there was no gear and it was bare-knuckle. It even made the cover of Black Belt Magazine: Steven Seagal No-shows He was challenged by a dozen different fighters to back up his insults, to go Mano-a-Mono with whichever one he chose. Many of them were older… Read more »