That Rumor About Ben Affleck Directing the ‘Justice League’

Planning another “told ya” moment, Deadline has put out a story denying the rumors that Ben Affleck will Bostonize the Justice League film, DC’s equivalent to The Avengers. A few people got their panties in a bunch yesterday when that rumor ran but Deadline is saying that just because the studio wants Affleck to do the film, doesn’t mean he’s doing it. It’s also unlikely he will unless he’s figured out a way to make it comparable to The Avengers, that superhero ensemble movie that made gazillion dollars, and if he even wants to play a superhero again because he only directs movies he stars in now. Yea, so this probably won’t happen even though Ben Affleck keeps saying he looks great in a pair of tights. “Unlike that little queeah who played Captain America.”

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