Christina Hendricks Doesn’t Appreciate Being Called a ‘Full-Figured Woman’

Sun-Herald Fashion Editor Kate Waterhouse interviewed Christina Hendricks of Mad Men and bewwwwbs fame for a new eye-wear thing she was promoting and the conversation quickly turned to her body. Kate asked, “You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you’ve inspired someone?” Note that Kate also made the hand motion for “full-figured.” Luckily, she left out the “wompa wompa” sound effects.

Christina, caught off guard, said, “Um, I don’t know… I’m sorry.” The video shuts off and Waterhouse is told to not ask questions about her weight. When the cameras turn on again, guess what she asks. That’s right. The same question. *Snaps fingers in a z-formation*

This time Christina says, “You just… you just said it again.” Waterhouse looks surprised and says she didn’t hear what the publicist said. With the interview now over and the camera off, Christina allegedly told Kate, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.”

Well, jeez. Why is Christina getting so huffy over being called full-figured? I mean, it’s true. She is. It’s actually a compliment in that she was saying Christina isn’t really fat but that she just has, um, curves. The good kind of curves. Not the kind Jessica Simpson gave herself using buckets of chicken.

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Chelsea Exotisch
8 years ago

actually she does have the “curves (fat) exactly the same way Jessica did… she’s a vain attention whore who knows nobody would like her looks if she hadn’t bought dem boobs. she likes showing them off all chances she gets yet she is obviously insecure about her weight… but no one forced her to gain it. she used to be skinny, C-cupped and much healthier looking, even nice bodied. now she looks like an average american woman with skinnier arms and face. no wonder she got offended- she can take praise as long as it’s in the form of “sexy”… Read more »

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