Interview With Choreographer Paul Becker

Paul Becker is the protege of Kenny Ortega, not to be confused with Kenny Powers. He’s one of the top choreographers in the world and has worked on everything from Twilight Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 (vampires have no rhythm) to PSYCH (the musical episode, everyone’s got to have one). He’ll also be working on Nightingale with Jeremy Renner, Joaquin Phoenx and Marion Cotillard.

What is happening during this chapter of your career that you want to share with your fans?

Right now I have been filming 2 huge back to back episodes of PSYCH TV series that happen to be full blown musicals. It is going to be awesome.

If we were to ask you a year ago what your strength is and then now what would have changed?

My strength hasn’t changed but I continue to learn new things that complement my goals.

You are friends with a lot of celebs. Which of them do you consider the best all around dancer?

The BEST all around dancer is Ashley Tisdale. She is like Baryshnikov!

Of all the talented actors/ dancers or singers/ dancers who would you most like to work with right now and why?

I want to work with Taylor Swift. She is such a great performer and I like her music.

We HAVE to ask some Twilight questions as you were the choreographer. So, what’s the most embarrassing moment that happened while you were on the set of Twilight?

Well my assistant wasn’t with me on the first day and I needed to work out some dance moves with a partner and I asked a random girl to be my partner and help me and she was a great partner. I fast forward to 6 months later when I am choreographing Mirror Mirror and I get introduced to Lily Collins, and she said “I already Know You”. I said, “No You Don’t’…Then she said that she was the girl that I used as my dance partner. Wasn’t embarrassing…just funny.

How did you get involved with Twilight in the first place?

Bill Condon selected me and we met and clicked.

What are you working on at the current moment?

The TV Series Psych and a new movie with Ariana Grande called Swindle and a film with Jeremy Renner and Jaquein Phoneix called Nightengale.

Lastly, just one tiny gossipy fact about the gorgeous Sharon Leal that no one else knows.

I share no gossip other than the fact that she is the most talented person that I have ever met, and a wonderful human being. Oh and She is may be a little bit addicted to shopping on Amazon as of late…Random packages and packages show up every day without fail!!!!..Is that gossipy? LOL

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