Charlize Theron Has a Buzz Cut Now

Last week, Charlize Theron took her mom to the movies showing off the brown and gray buzz cut she got for Mad Max: Fury Road. She plays Furiosa in the movie, a character who’s probably named as such because she’s so furious all the time. Probably because of her terrible haircut.

  • “I doubt Sagemiller would throw Theron and Zellweger under the bus like that, bringing their names up for no reason”

    Seriously? You can’t think of what might motivate some lesser actress to drop the names of a couple A-listers like that? Now I realise evidence is unfashionable these days and mere denunciations must be believed without question or you are a Bad Person, but if you really can’t think of a reason why she might say those things, you ain’t trying very hard ;-)

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