Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Started a Trust Fund

Turns out that hillbilly family from Georgia who make up popular TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may be the smartest reality tv stars of all. According to Mama June (is that her official name now?), she and her husband have decided not to blow through all their children’s money and have instead, started a trust fund for all 5 girls.

Reports say the family’s earnings, around $15k – $20k per episode, will be divided equally among Alana Thomson, Lauryn, Jessica and Anna and baby Kaitlyn.

None of the children can touch the funds until they turn 21 except for medical emergencies or tuition for school. Wait, can not having enough weed be considered a medical emergency? Anna has… uh… severe glaucoma.

“TLC puts the money into the girls’ trust accounts for me and then I get an email telling me how much everyone gets.”

June added … “You’re never gonna see me drive a Range Rover or a Mercedes. I’ll drive one if someone else pays for it. Never gonna live above my means.”

As for their means … Mama June says Sugarbear still rakes in cash from his contractor job, which is how they pay the bills. TMZ

Well, that’s disappointing. Who knew they’d be smart about their money unlike those Gosselins or Octomom. This is so not Hollywood, you guys. Where are my dead hookers?!

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8 years ago

Aww what? A normal reality show family? Absurd!

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