Superman’s Jimmy Olsen Will Now Be Jenny Olsen

For years, Superman’s photojournalist sidekick has been Jimmy Olsen, a red-headed photographer at the Daily Planet. That’s all set to change, however, in Zack Snyder’s The Man of Steel. Jimmy Olsen will now be Jenny Olsen and, no, this isn’t part of a convoluted story about Jimmy getting a sex change as a way to champion the message of acceptance. They’re just replacing the character with a woman.

Jenny will be played by Rebecca Buller (screen shot above). Oh and Perry White is now black and played by Laurence Fishburne who may or may not be running in the shot above.

One other detail that may have changed is Clark Kent isn’t wearing glasses in any of the scenes from the trailer. Which is crazy because without the glasses EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO HE IS. Those glasses are the only thing that hides his true identity.

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8 years ago

you dont see the trailer/ We see clark in the elevator put some glasses

and the jenna olsen stuff is JUST a rumor reported bu fan

8 years ago

the glasses stuff is in the teaser
and in Smallville, clark doesnt wear glasses and it was explained

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