The Many Poses of Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino and the cast of Django Unchained showed up to its premiere in Rome, Italy last week and photographers there were treated to the many faces of Tarantino. We have Creepy Mugshot Tarantino, Bruce Lee Tarantino, How You Doin’ Tarantino, What Did You Say About My Momma Tarantino, Fist Pumping Tarantino, Right Back at You Tarantino, Peace Tarantino and, finally, There’s Some Food Stuck in My Teeth and I Need to Get It Right Now Tarantino.

  • Glenda

    Really is there enough of a story-line for a stand alone movie about Tate. Why give Manson more notoriety that is just what he wants. let the man rot he does not deserve any more notice then a bug you wipe off your arm after is it killed.

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