Alec Bladwin Called Photog a ‘Coon, a Drug Dealer’

While walking his dogs outside his apartment this morning, New York Post reporter Tara Palmeri approached Alec Baldwin and asked him to comment on a lawsuit against his wife, Hilaria.

Being the levelheaded man that he is (this is the same guy who called his daughter an ungrateful fat little pig), Baldwin grabbed the reporter by the arm and told her, “I want you to choke to death.” Being a reporter, Tamara had a recorder to record Alec Baldwin telling her to choke to death. She would later play this recording for police.

Alec then turned his attention to G.N. Miller, the photographer, and called him a “coon, a drug dealer.” Miller showed Baldwin his ID to prove he’s a retired NYPD cop but Baldwin told him it was “fake.”

Eventually, cops were called and both Miller and Baldwin filed harassment claims against each other.

Baldwin later went on Twitter and wrote, “Thank u 2 NYPD officers who came to my home 2day so that I could file a formal complaint against NY Post “photographer’’ who assaulted me,” and “Moments after I tweet about the Post, Ralston, the ex-crackhead ‘photographer’ shows up at my door w 1 of Murdoch’s nieces in tow.” For some reason, Baldwin is calling G.N. Miller Ralston. He went on, “Ralston claims he’s ex NYPD!! That can’t be!!! Ex NYPD don’t become crackhead, ex jailhouse paparazzi!” Those tweets have since been deleted.

And herein lies the difference between Clint Eastwood and Alec Baldwin. When Eastwood is racist, it’s lovable. When Baldwin is racist, it just sounds mean and borderline crazy. Mostly because Eastwood is acting in a movie and finds redemption while Baldwin is not acting and has no redeeming qualities.

Alec went on Twitter to say he’s not racist and how could he be after giving $50,000 to the Arthur Ashe Learning Center?

What he meant to say was, “I’m not racist, some of my favorite charities are black charities.”

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