Beyonce Shows Off Blue Ivy in Documentary

Beyonce’s Life Is But a Dream documentary premiered on HBO Saturday night. Not having watched it, I went looking for criticisms. Then I got lazy and started browsing Reddit. Nevertheless, before that happened, I read MTV’s review. The only criticism they had they posed in the form of a question. “Was it too polished?’ Not much of a critique since that’s like asking if my abs are too washboardy. (Yes)

Regardless, her fans loved it especially since 13-month-old Blue Ivy Carter made her first appearance since she was born. Beyonce’s kid graced us with her presence during a closeup toward the end of the documentary. Though quick, it was enough to bring everyone to their knees and cause them to weep towards the heavens. For you do not gaze upon the face of hip-hop royalty without experiencing such euphoria.

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9 years ago

And yet, somehow I managed.

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