‘Spider-Man 2’ Set Photos May Have Spoilers

New photos from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may contain spoilers about the movie.

Last summer, director Marc Webb told how big of a fan he was of the Gwen Stacy saga in the comics. “I think it’s one of the more interesting and controversial storylines — certainly in ‘Spider-Man’ and really in all comics. I think one of the reasons that it was interesting to tell [the] Gwen Stacy [story] is because of that element. But, of course, you need to establish that connection. And we’ll see how that unfolds.”

Fast forward to today when new set pics came out showing Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy. After some sleuthing, HuffPo and others realized that the dress Gwen was wearing bears a striking resemblance to the dress she wore in the comics. In particular, the panel where she dies. Aw, sh*t. Spoilers!

Unclear, however, is whether this is merely a nod to the comics or if Gwen Stacy is really dying in the next film. If you read this far and weren’t expecting a spoiler, then, uh, yea. Just forget you ever saw this.

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