Dave Matthews Hitchhiked to His Own Concert

Emily Kraus and her boyfriend were on their way to see Dave Matthews in concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania when suddenly, they saw a stranded bicyclist in need. Regardless of already running late, they decided to help the guy out. Turns out the guy was actually Dave Matthews. Good thing they didn’t crash in to him.

Matthews went for a bike ride before the show when his back tired blew out. “I did not have a cell phone on the bicycle. So I thought, s**t,” he said at his show. “And then a nice lady named Emily rode up in a red car with a bicycle rack on it and gave me a ride on to the gig.”

Luckily for Emily, her parents had just given her a bike rack so picking up Dave Matthews was a no-brainer. They talked about the tour and his daughter’s summer camp schedules on the way over. Yawn. So much to say, amirite?

As a show of gratitude, Matthews invited the two for dinner backstage and then front row seats to the show. Said Emily, “It was surreal, we couldn’t believe it.” You could say she was tripping billies.

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