Japanese Locals Angry at Hugh Jackman for Shoving His Wang in Their Faces

It sucks to be a foreigner sometimes because you have no clue about what’s customary. Add to the fact that customs differ from region to region and most of your trip is spent wondering if you’re pissing off the locals. That’s pretty much the story of Hugh Jackman’s life at the hot springs at Mount Fuji.

Jackman upset a few locals at the hot springs when, instead of using the given hand towel to cover up his privates, he put it on his head and waved his junk in front of everyone. Jackman explains,

“The place is separated male and female and they hand you a towel, a small washcloth and there are eight different types of tubs with heats of different temperatures.

“I’m getting so hot and I’m using the towel they gave me to dip into the cold water and put it on my head and I was getting very strange looks from everybody.

“This was at the base of Mount Fuji and I was the only white person there. I thought, ‘Maybe this isn’t cool and I’m not allowed to be there’.

“I was feeling uncomfortable and finally this guy in the tub grunts and points to my head and then grunts and points to my private parts. Finally I realized the towel was meant to be covering my privates and I’d spent about an hour just waltzing around this place with this thing in one hand and a beer in my other hand!”

It could have been worse. He could have gotten really drunk, started helicoptering his penis around and yelled, “Look at me, guys. I’m an airplane!” Sigh, you do that one time and you’re banned for life from the library.

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