‘Jackass: Bad Grandpa’ Trailer Has All the Fake Grandpa You Could Want

It’s been a while but the guys from Jackass finally made another movie. This time featuring the “dress like an old man and do offensive stuff gag.” They managed to stretch that into a full length movie. With the help of a sidekick. Some little kid who does a striptease in a girl’s talent show. Better line those panties because they’re about to get wet.

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Randy Durant
Randy Durant
10 years ago

The entire film is scripted. The people may not be actual actors per se, but they all had to submit a consent form before a single frame of them was filmed.FCC regulations wiped out the “surprise” genre a few years ago. That is why all the phone in bits on radio are manufactured at a production studio, and the “call in listeners” are all per diem subcontractors. They get paid about $75 per bit, usually lasting 5-8 minutes. Horrible stuff. Same with this. Not a single person in this film is caught by surprise. It simply is…illegal. Everyone is forewarned… Read more »