Melissa Joan Hart Used to Use X, Weed and Shrooms

Turns out there’s more to Melissa Joan Hart than the boring mother of three she’s become. If you looked at her roles in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All, you’d think she led a dull life. One where the most exciting thing to happen to her was getting a new sewing needle.

Melissa tells Life & Style that back in the day at the peak of her fame, she was “kind of running with a bad crowd.” After partying at the Playboy Mansion in 1999, she was still high on X during a Maxim shoot the next day.

Another time, Paris Hilton offered her a bump which she turned down. Of course, Hilton’s people said this never happened.

She didn’t just dabble in drugs either. She got around. She’s made out with Jerry O’Connell, Nick Carter and even Ryan Reynolds. Have fun with that imagery, Blake Lively.

Melissa is like one of those mom’s that tell their kids, “You know, I was once a ‘wild child.'” She’d even use those air quotes. And her kids will be like, “Sure, whatever mom.” And then they’d read this and now they can’t get the image of their mom half-naked and high on ecstasy sloppily rubbing her mouth all over Ryan Reynolds. There’s not a steel loofah strong enough to scrub that image from any child’s brain.

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