Khloe Kardashian May be Prepping Divorce Papers

Khloe Kardashian may have had enough of the crack smoking, porn watching, girl banging Lamar Odom instructing her lawyer to draw up divorce papers.

A source explains, “All she needs to do is tell the lawyer to file the petition. She has even signed the divorce papers in anticipation.”

However, she’s not ready to do it just yet. But that if Lamar doesn’t get help soon, she’ll file it to make him realize he needs to get help. A fantastic plan. People respond very well to threats.

This following another plan in which Khloe wanted to get pregnant in order to “cause Lamar to change his ways.”

Wow, this chick has a bunch of wonderful ideas on how to keep a man. She should write a relationship advice column and write a book titled, “101 Ways to Condom Failure.”

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10 years ago

Does “animal husbandry” require legal action to discontinue?