Reporter Asks ‘Gravity’ Director What It Was Like Filming in Space

You may have heard of Gravity. The Sandra Bullock/George Clooney film that’s poised to take the top spot at the box office for the 3rd week in a row unless the Carrie remake features a naked Chloe Moretz. But that’s not going to happen because she’s only 16, you perverts.

Anyway, director Alfonso Caurón was doing a press conference for it in Mexico City when one intrepid reporter asked what it was like filming in space. For the record, it wasn’t filmed in space. It was all movie magic. Oh, I know. I couldn’t believe it either. To clarify, this was for a comedy show.

The question, asked at a Thursday Mexico City news conference in jest, certainly amused Cuaron, who flashed a wide grin as he searched for an answer.

“Yes, we took cameras to the [spacecraft],” he said. “We were in space for three and a half months. I got really dizzy while rehearsing.”

The journalist has since been revealed as Carlos “El Capi” Perez, a field reporter for the comedic talk show Deberían Estar Trabajando (You Should Be Working). THR

Perez later trolled his Twitter writing, “Forgive me Twitter for being a professional committed to information.”

Hey, I like this guy. There’s always way too many questions at these things asking about a director’s process, how much direction they gave actors and blah blah blah. At least there was one that day that didn’t make people want to bang their heads on the seat in front of them until the guy sitting in it politely asked them to stop so they could ask the director if he commonly draws influences from his childhood.

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