Jake Gyllenhaal Hospitalized After Punching Mirror

Jake Gyllenhaal was taken to a hospital for stitches after punching a mirror because he didn’t like the man staring back at him. Just kidding. It was on the set of his new film Nightcrawler and he did it because he got too into character. Eh, I like my version better.

“Jake flipped out,” a Nightcrawler source tells PEOPLE. “His character was looking into a mirror during the scene and punched the mirror in anger and broke it, cutting himself so bad he had to be taken to a hospital.”

“The scene was emotionally charged and his character was talking into a mirror and he got so into it, he banged his hands against the mirror and it broke and cut him,” the source close to Gyllenhaal says. “It was all the scene and not because he was mad about anything else.”

Tom Cruise was right. Acting is comparable to fighting in Afghanistan. Suck it, Marky Mark.

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