Buff Bagwell Is a Gigolo Now

Remember the WCW back in the 90s? The golden age of wrestling when pro-wrestlers were able to pump themselves with as much steroids as they wanted to achieve the ultimate cartoon body? If so, then you’ll also remember how Buff Bagwell played an integral role in WCW.

He’s since fallen on hard times. TMZ has learned that Buff Bagwell, having appeared in Showtime’s Gigolos, is actually a bonafide gigolo now. He’s joined Cowboys4Angels, a premium gigolo service targeting lonely women.

Bagwell’s rates are $800 for 2 hours, $1,550 for 4 hours and $3,000 for overnights. A full weekend runs about $25,000.

Cowboys4Angels owner Garren James says Bagwell is already the 2nd most popular escort behind a guy named Nick Hawk. Probably no relation to Mike Hawk.

The kicker is Bagwell is married so it’s assumed his wife is alright with this.

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