Zac Efron Probably Doing Drugs Again

Neither cops nor friends believe Zac Efron was driving in downtown LA at 12:30 am to get some sushi. They all think he’s on drugs again. A theory supported by the fact his bodyguard isn’t really a bodyguard rather a convicted drug dealer he’s been spending a lot of time with.

One friend of Zac describes him as a loner. “He goes out rarely and the idea of him driving for miles to go to some sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. after midnight is preposterous,” they said.

Newsflash. The idea of anyone driving to downtown LA after midnight for sushi is stupid. Unless by sushi they mean drugs. In which case, yea. He was there for sushi. A California 8-ball hand roll.

Sources are also now saying that Zac never even went to rehab. While he did take some time off, all he did was go to a friend’s house outside of California to get private therapy.

And that story the “bodyguard” told of Zac saving his life after being stabbed in the face, chest and stomach? Pretty much a lie. Cops say the only one bleeding at the scene was Zac. The bodyguard was seen sitting around texting.

Hopefully this dude isn’t planning to join the 27 club when he turns 27 in October.

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