Bryan Singer’s Accuser Named Three More Names

Michael Egan, the guy suing Brian Singer for drugging him up in Hawaii and sticking it in his butt, has sued three more Hollywood figures claiming they too drugged and raped him when he was a teenager. Garth R. Ancier, Gary Wayne Goddard and David Alexander Neuman were all named in new civil suits filed in Hawaii.

Egan, through his lawyer, said the three were part of the Hollywood pedophile ring that “groomed” underage boys and raped them in the late ’90s. They reportedly were regulars at Hollywood pedo sex parties in LA and Hawaii where underage boys were given drugs, alcohol and gifts in return for a little butt/mouth action. Man, the 90s really did have everything.

Two of the men have denied the allegations while the third, Ancier, could not be reached. As for the allegations themselves.

Egan alleges Ancier gave him wine laced with drugs on several occasions and sodomized him. Ancier helped launch the WB Network in the 90s and was the president of NBC Entertainment.

Egan’s suit against Goddard, producer of Broadway shows and theme park rides, claims he gave him “mind-altering substances” and groped and forcibly sodomized him. He claims the same with Neuman, a former Disney exec.

Egan’s lawyer says a second victim that will be able to backup his claims will also come forward but currently suffers from medical conditions brought on by the abuse.

One thing I still don’t get about this is after the first, second or even third time, why go back? I’m pretty sure if some dude drug and raped me, I wouldn’t go back to one of his gay sex orgies no matter what role he promised me. But that’s just me. I’m weird like that.

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