Steve Ballmer Now Owns the Clippers

Steve Ballmer, former chief of Microsoft, has won the bidding war for ownership of the LA Clippers. He put in a $2 billion offer, the highest paid for an NBA team. However, the deal isn’t done yet. Donald Sterling’s lawyer told everyone to hold up minute.

Ballmer and Clippers co-owner Shelly Sterling concluded a deal late Thursday afternoon. But Bobby Samini, an attorney for Donald Sterling, said as he left the team co-owner’s home: “There’s been no sale. There can be no sale without Donald’s signature.”

What a downer. Who listens to that old coot anyway?

The sale beat a Tuesday deadline where an NBA hearing could have removed Shelly Sterling’s family from ownership. And if you think about it, Ballmer is the perfect person to own an NBA team. He’ll be able to bring a lot of excitement to the Clippers.

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