Test Footage From the ‘Deadpool’ Movie Leaked

Fans have been anticipating a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds for what seems like forever. Three years ago, a script was leaked. Back in February, a revised Deadpool script was reviewed with the consensus being that the movie needs to be made. Now we may have test footage of one of the most sarcastic characters in the Marvel universe. It relies heavily on CGI (actually all of it) but it does feature what sounds like Ryan Reynold’s voice. It also somewhat follows the leaked script.

While the footage is from 2011, it’s just now seeing the light of day. It’s also proof positive that Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role of Deadpool. There’s no one in the world who can pull off snarky violence better than he can. Unless Conan O’Brien became an assassin/mercenary. Which would be a way better character than Deadpool if you think about it. Having that lanky 6’4” ginger beating you senseless as he makes terrible puns would be the most humiliating thing in the world.

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