Jessica Hart Poses for GQ

Gap-toothed model Jessica Hart graces the latest issue of GQ. According to GQ, she’s the latest Aussie model to break out Stateside. Though that seems to be a bit of an exaggeration.

Her career began at age 15, when she was spotted at that high holy suburban mall where all future lingerie models are apparently found. She did the swimsuit thing for years, draped across the beaches of the world. And she’s spent a good part of her twenties as one of Victoria’s Secret’s marquee faces, a gig she’s defended in her wry and straight-shooting way—taking shots at Taylor Swift in the process—as goddamn hard work.

Has there been one model that wasn’t discovered at a mall? Seems like the only difference between a modeling scout and Ben Affleck’s character in Mallrats is a business card.

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