The ‘Rave of the Century’ Was in Mecosta County

Over 2,000 people attended a party in Mecosta County last Saturday thrown by 20-year-old James Taylor. He said the it was a goodbye party for him and a celebration of a high school friend’s graduation. Attendees included 2 DJs, go go dancers, strippers and fire dancers.

At least 2,000 people are believed to have attended.

“We were so outnumbered,” Purcell said.

Despite the hard drug use and underage drinking going on — authorities believe the majority of attendees were under the age of 21 — police did not attempt to break things up or go in to hand out citations.

They chose instead to manage the scene by allowing the party to continue for several more hours, with multiple police agencies standing by. It was that or risk hundreds of intoxicated drivers fleeing and taking to area roadways.The majority of those drivers were people that do not live in Mecosta County. They did not know the rural roads well, Purcell said.

Another concern was potential injury to responding police and paramedics.

“We had information they were not in a cop-friendly attitude,” Purcell said of those gathered.

Police remained on scene until about 7:30 a.m. Sunday

This video is gold especially the part where he says, “I didn’t make this kid pass out,” before pointing to a kid passed out on his floor. Even more surprising is this wasn’t a video from The Onion.

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