Yes, Yes! Everyone Wants to Do a ‘Galaxy Quest’ Sequel

One of America’s favorite movies that hasn’t yet been discovered to be one of its favorite movies is Galaxy Quest. Starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, and Justin Long, the movie is a campy send-up of the ubiquitous space fare that everyone loved at the time. This is true, right, or did it just feel like it?

Anyway, in a detailed oral history of Galaxy Quest up on MTV, the entire cast and crew say they’re up for a sequel. Via SlashFilm,

Tim Allen: There’s a sequel somewhere. It’s written, but I haven’t really gotten a straight answer about it, but Hollywood is a very peculiar place. It is none of my business.

Writer Robert Gordon: On the record, I definitely have ideas for a sequel. Off the record, OK, turn your recorder off.

Justin Long: So many people ask me about a sequel.

Producer Mark Johnson: If we announced a sequel or a TV show, there’d be genuine excitement, not “It’s too late.” We’ve tried. I’d do it, Dean would do it. But we need Bob. It’s a Bob Gordon joint, but Bob is a very specific guy.

Sam Rockwell: F–k yeah, a sequel would be amazing. If it was a respectful script to “Galaxy Quest.”

Sigourney Weaver: Tell Bob, tell Dean, we are all ready for a sequel. I still have my costume!

Allen: How’s this for a sequel: it’s 15 years later. The Thermians come back, but they haven’t aged. Maybe they don’t have warp anymore so it took 15 years. They have to search for a new homeland. Sarris [the main villain] is gone but his family never forgets and you take it from there. . .

You hear that Hollywood? You’ve been trying to get another Ghostbusters going forever and can’t get any of the cast but here’s Galaxy Quest, its cast ripe for the picking and you’re doing nothing about it.

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