’23 Jump Street’ Is a Go and Channing Tatum’s Fear of Porcelain Dolls

After amassing $319 million worldwide, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be back for 23 Jump Street, the third Jump Street in the series. Deadline confirmed the news but as of now, it’s unclear whether Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will return to direct.

As that news was happening, Channing Tatum was on Ellen where he admitted to being scared of porcelain dolls. He explained, “I  just think they’re really super freaky. They have real eyes and they look real. I just imagine when I walk by them, their heads turn with you the whole time.”

That’s exactly the kind of thing you don’t admit unless you want someone shoving a freaky porcelain doll in your face. Hey, guess what happened?

#stopbullying #itgetsbetter

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