‘Bumfights’ Creators Arrested for Shipping Baby Parts

Ryan MacPherson and Daniel Tanner, co-creators of Bumfights, were arrested in Thailand over the weekend for trying to smuggle child body parts stolen from a hospital museum. The two attempted to ship a child’s foot, a baby’s head, an adult heart and 2 pieces of adult skin out of Bangkok through DHL to their friends in Las Vegas as a prank. The boxes were declared as “toys.”

Things didn’t go as planned as the shipping company ran a routine x-ray on the packages. The two were arrested and questioned, but released due to lack of evidence. They quickly booked it to Cambodia. Security footage showed that one of the two men visited the museum, however, there was no video of them stealing anything.

MacPherson and Tanner claim to have bought the head and organs from a night market.

The men told police they had bought the infant’s head and other organs from a night flea market at Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge) but could not remember the directions to the shop, Chumpol Pumpuang, deputy…

Lesson learned. Ladyboys? Go to Thailand. Baby heads and child parts? Go somewhere else, you sicko.

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