Paramount Pulls ‘Team America: World Police’ from Theaters Out of Fear

Ok, seriously? Anything related to North Korea appears off limits now. Some theaters, like Alamo Drafthouse in Texas and Capitol Theatre in Cleveland, actually wanted to take a stand against Sony’s pulling of The Interview. They scheduled special showings of Team America: World Police, an amazingly funny comedy by the dudes who do South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The movie featured a puppet, read that again, a PUPPET, of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il trying to use weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, Paramount freaked out, probably scared of getting their secrets hacked and shown to the world, and pulled its release. That means no showings anywhere. F*ck. That. The terrorists win YET AGAIN. Go watch the trailer for Team America: World Police in silent protest.

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9 years ago

Well, fangul to those assfranens.