School Punishes Blind Child by Replacing His Cane with a Foam Pool Noodle

This can only described as fucked up. Kansas City school officials allege 8-year old Dakota Nafzinger used his cane to hit another child on the school bus. Their punishment? Giving him a soft-ass foam noodle to navigate the cushiony world of concrete and moving cars.

North Kansas City School District Spokeswoman Michelle Cronk confirmed that they took away the cane, deeming it school property. They reasoned that doing so would prevent Nafzinger from hurting himself or others. Oh yea, a foam swimming pool noodle surely won’t hurt a blind person WHO USES A CANE TO SEE CARS AND S**T!

Nafzinger’s dad said the bus driver misinterpreted Dakota actions as aggressive and that he “simply lifts his cane sometimes”. Kinda like when people blink or do other random things. Stop blinking!

Hopefully, Dakota’s school district comes to their senses and gives Dakota back his cane. But seeing how they are, they just might ask Dakota to stop being blind.

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