‘Batman v Superman’ Won’t Be Split into Two Films

If you had your hopes up for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2-for-1 deal, they’ve just been crushed into tiny pieces. Henry Cavill confirmed to Variety that Zack Snyder’s film will indeed be released in one fell swoop. Cavill also called Ben Affleck a “great” Batman. Well, we know why some people will find him great.

What caused the rumors? A end card floating around the Internet showing two parts.

It could be a fake, knowing the Internet these days. The result of an overly imaginative fanboy with access to Photoshop. But more than that, website Badass Digest had access to the script and, said no way on this being a two-parter (SPOILER AHEAD):

If they were to cut it in half, I guess they could cut it at the big Superman and Batman fight, which comes about halfway through the film. But that fight isn’t huge, and there isn’t enough action in the first half of the movie to make that a whole film all its own. And then there’s so much action in the second half as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman battle Doomsday in Metropolis and Gotham that you’d end up with two very, very lopsided movies. It works as an escalation in the full script, but without major additions it seems limp.

Good news for fanboys. Now there’s only one movie they have to line up two days ahead for.

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