Bryan Cranston Possible Villain Role in ‘Star Trek 3’

Star Trek 3 comes out summer of 2016 and casting news has begun to leak out. One major piece of news according to Film Divider:

The major new role for a male actor will be the villain. As we understand it, he’s supposed to be Bryan Cranston-like, to the point that Cranston himself has had words with the studio about taking the role. We don’t know just yet if he said yes, or if this is an all-new character or somebody from continuity, but because they’re shooting for Cranston we at least know the filmmakers want to bring the intensity.

Meth: the final frontier. Indeed, Walter White would make an awesome villain. Talk about warp speed. The Enterprise would break all time and space records with Cranston secretly feeding the crew handfuls of meth. He’d turn Uhura into a skinny, pockmark faced fiend. “Scotty, you holdin’? I suck yo dick for some meth!”

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