Jennifer Lawrence Leaving ‘X-Men’ and Retiring Her Blue Body Paint

Yea, Jennifer Lawrence decided to leave the X-Men franchise, that sucks. After X-Men: Apocalypse, Lawrence will peace out. No more watching her slathered in blue body paint while playing Mystique. Hottest. Mutant. Ever. If aliens ever visited and saw her, they’d pop a veiny alien erection. All 3 nodes because you know aliens wouldn’t just have one penis. They’d probably forget about taking over the human race and instead elevate a poster of Mystique in their alien space pod while performing sacred respect rituals, i.e. circle jerks.

Don’t worry, Lawrence may have decided to ‘X’ out Mystique from her life, but Mystique will still show up somewhere in the X-Men universe. Fox may spin-off Mystique into her own movie a la Deadpool. Until then though, long live blue breasts.

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