Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair Recreate Kiss from ‘Cruel Intentions’ while Reese Witherspoon Watches

If you were around in the 1990’s, you’ll remember Cruel Intentions. That movie made the trio of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe quite famous. Why? Probably because of a kiss between co-stars Gellar and Selma Blair. Blair admits to never having gone to first base, so Gellar quite generously offers her some practice. This is where millions of guys left the movie to go jack off.

Fifteen years later, as Hollywood is apt to do, they rebooted this movie. This time, they did it in a theatre. As in, a play. You know, singing, stage, drama and over-the-top acting.

Blair, Gellar and Witherspoon reunited for Rockwell Table & Stage’s “The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Cruel Intentions.” Because, you know, everyone was clamoring for a stage remake. Umm, yea.

Sounds like all three had a good time, according to Variety:

During the entire show, Witherspoon, Blair and Gellar were singing along to all the songs, reciting lines from the movie, drinking martinis — and of course, taking selfies.

Director Lindsey Rosin tells Variety of a moment that sent the audience into an explosion of cheers. When two of the stage characters, Annette (Molly McCook) and Sebastian (John Krause), sing the song “Torn,” there is a musical break where Annette runs after Sebastian and says “Wait!” grabbing him in for a big kiss. As soon as the actress said her line, Reese repeated “Wait!” very loudly and in character.

#cruelintentionsthemusical @reesewitherspoon @sarahmgellar together again.

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Best girls night out. @ReeseWitherspoon @sarahmgellar #cruelintentionsthemusical

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Gellar and Blair even went ahead and recreated that amazing kiss, but of course, Witherspoon acted like a prude and just stared. Where’s the three way kiss, Witherspoon? Maybe she wasn’t drunk enough. Sometimes, she just needs a few sips to unleash the true actress within.

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